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According to Robert’s Rules of Order, parliamentary procedure is based on the consideration of the rights: of the majority, of the minority (especially a large minority greater than one-third), of individual members, of absentee members, of all of these groups taken together.

"The application of parliamentary law is the best method yet devised to enable assemblies of any size, with due regard for every member’s opinion, to arrive at the general will on the maximum number of questions of varying complexity in a minimum amount of time and under all kinds of internal climate ranging from total harmony to hardened or impassioned division of opinion."
[Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised [RONR (11th ed.), Introduction, p. liii]

Although the copyright on the original Fourth Edition of Robert's Rules of Order Revised has expired, it remains an important work. contains the full text of this book, including lesson outlines and Plan for Study of Parliamentary Law, along with the added convenience and functionality of index and keyword search. This handy online reference tool is useful to students of parliamentary procedure and parliamentarians alike.

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Going to a meeting but not sure what to do or say? Inexperienced, but want to know how to take part? Learn quickly and easily! Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief is a short, 208-page book that includes:

  • Simple and concise, user-friendly easy-to-read guide covers the basics of the rules most frequently used in conducting and participating in meetings of any size
  • Sample dialogues to get the presiding officer and members confidently through motions, nominations, elections, voting, debates, amendments, and more
  • Invaluable tips for keeping meetings orderly and on track
  • A chapter answering the most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Handy tables at the back of the book tell you just what to say
  • Appointed to a committee? Elected an officer or board member? Chosen as a convention delegate? Chapters on each clearly explain your duties
  • Written by the same authorship team as Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) and entirely consistent, with abundant cross-references to the standard book throughout if more in-depth information is needed.

Henry M. Robert's classic guide to smooth, orderly, and fairly conducted meetings, was originally published in 1896 and has sold close to 5 million copies in nine editions. If the bylaws of an organization specify Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) as the adopted parliamentary authority, then this is the book that will provide all the details. This 816-page, 11th edition, parliamentary authority will continue the book's reputation as the gold standard of meeting procedure for professional parliamentarians and novice club presidents and members alike. When you need all the details, this is the book to get!

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